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About Instant Feedback

Typically feedback systems rely upon the customer to choose to leave their views relating to a particular sale or service experience. This approach often results in customers choosing to opt out if the experience was acceptable with many customers only leaving feedback if the service was deemed to be exceptional and worthy of a mention or alternatively very poor. This means that many businesses rely upon a very small sample of their total customers to measure customer satisfaction. Instant Feedback gets feedback from most of your customers allowing you to gain a true understanding of your customer’s views.

Instant Feedback – What it is ?

Instant Feedback is a web based system which helps you gain valuable feedback from potentially all your Customers helping to improve satisfaction and retention for your business.

Instant Feedback obtains Customer views at the end of the Customer experience prior to them leaving, this gives you the business owner, the following benefits:

  • The opportunity of gaining feedback from all of your Customers
  • True Customer feelings at the time of the experience and not days or sometimes weeks later
  • Instant feedback to your team giving daily, monthly and year to date performance together with live comments from your Customers
  • Managers need to react quick if the Customer is less than completely satisfied, text and email Hot Alerts will inform you if your Customers are unhappy giving you time to speak to them before they leave
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Instant Feedback – Who is it for ?

Instant Feedback is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses where the Customer experience is a controlled one. It is used at point of check out, handover or bill payment.

Instant Feedback can be tailored to meet your specific needs and our expert consultants will help to make sure that the system delivers positive results.

Typical applications include:


  • Automotive sales and service
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Car Hire
  • Maintenance


  • Hospital wards
  • Kitchen and Bathroom sales
  • Repair and Service operations
  • Business centres
  • And much more
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Instant Feedback – What it costs ?

Access to Instant Feedback could not be simpler. A simple site access includes:

  • Support from our consultant team to bespoke the system for your use
  • 12 month use of Instant Feedback with a single database
  • Unlimited access to your data for input and review
  • Simple reporting via the browser output and end of day reports
  • Survey up to 500 customers per day with a single site licence

'Set Up fee from £299 + VAT is a one off payment for logo and question configuration, email and password formation.'

A standard 12 month licence costs just £67.00 + VAT per month (£80.40 including VAT). This fee includes Training Media, User Guides, Telephone Support Monday – Friday and Emailed Updates.

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The Right solution for you, uniquely designed to give you the information you need to keep your customers coming back

Instant Feedback
for all
Instant Feedback is flexible and can be personalised to meet your specific requirements at no cost. Add your own logo, change colours, questions and much more.

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Instant Feedback Automotive editionSuitable for Car, Commercial and Motorcycle businesses and can be used in both Sales and Service Departments. Use as part of the Service Handover process and it will help improve satisfaction and Customer retention.

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Instant Feedback
Leisure edition
Suitable for Hotels, Bed and Breakfast or Leisure activities which include a check out process.

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Instant Feedback Enterprise SolutionInterested in using Instant Feedback in more than 50 sites? then contact us for details on our enterprise rate.

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