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Instant Feedback – What it is ?

Instant Feedback is a web based system which helps you gain valuable feedback from potentially all of your Customers helping to improve satisfaction and retention for your business.

Typically feedback systems rely upon the Customer choosing to leave their views relating to a particular sale or service experience. This approach often results in Customers choosing to opt out if the experience was acceptable with many Customers only leaving feedback if the service was deemed to be exceptional and worthy of a mention or alternatively very poor. This means that many businesses rely upon a very small sample of their total Customers to measure Customer satisfaction.

Instant Feedback obtains Customer views at the end of the Customer experience prior to them leaving, this gives you the business owner, the following benefits:

  • The opportunity of gaining feedback from all of your Customers
  • True Customer feelings at the time of the experience and not days or sometimes weeks later
  • Instant feedback to your team giving daily, monthly and year to date performance together with live comments from your Customers
  • Managers need to react quick if the Customer is less than completely satisfied, text and email Hot Alerts will inform you if your Customers are unhappy giving you time to speak to them before they leave

Your existing Customers are your biggest and best opportunity and their complete satisfaction is vital.

Instant Feedback is a simple system that helps keep Customers returning. It works best where the Customer experience is a controlled one i.e. a car dealer service department, at the hotel checkout or in a restaurant with Instant Feedback you can.

  • Change the look and appearance to fit with your brand requirements
  • Choose from stars or faces to gain your Customer feedback
  • Add your logo

It also has the following benefits:

  • A single licence access allows you to have multiple access points
  • Questionnaire has been designed for use with an Apple iPad 2 or equivalent
  • Can link to your existing systems using csv data transfer making it easier to ensure that all Customer feedback is gained

Many other options are available email now with your specific requirements and we will respond in an instant.


Browser Output

Give Instant Feedback to your staff on how well you are doing NOW! A live feed of the Customer feedback is displayed via our browser output giving summary data together with a stream of the comments made by your Customers today. All staff in the business are responsible for the delivery of great service and the browser output helps keep them focussed on achieving it.


Hot Alert Email or Text

Hot Alerts are sent by the system when the Customer is less than completely satisfied. Triggers can be set depending upon their degree of dissatisfaction and supervisors/ managers are alerted with respect to the Customer’s views. This enables the customer to be spoken to prior to them leaving the premises and give you the opportunity of PUTTING THINGS RIGHT!



Via our SMARTPLUS TV option you can have a live feed of data to your Customers who are sat in your waiting area or looking to use your service. Smart Plus TV was established to create a platform that allows companies to better utilise their existing TV screens to provide marketing platforms for their products and services, information systems or welcome messages for visitors, training platforms for branch offices or retail outlets or indeed any other type of visual image or text that can be displayed on a tv screen and controlled remotely.

This solution will not only provide a way of promoting your own products, offers or other information, it also provides you a platform to generate additional income from promoting other brands or companies local to you. Your best advert is your current satisfied customers and this option gives you the opportunity to broadcast that.