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Instant Feedback – Who it’s for ?

Instant Feedback is designed to meet the specific needs of businesses where the Customer experience is a controlled one. It is used at point of check out, handover or bill payment.

Instant Feedback can be tailored to meet your specific needs and our expert consultants will help to make sure that the system delivers positive results.

Typical applications include:

  • Automotive sales and service
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Car Hire
  • Maintenance
  • Hospital wards
  • Kitchen and Bathroom sales
  • Repair and Service operations
  • Business centres
  • And much more

Instant Feedback for all

The customer's views are always important and Instant Feedback will help make sure that your service meets their needs. Instant Feedback helps you understand your customer's needs enabling you to improve your service and increase customer satisfaction.

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Instant Feedback - Automotive edition

Instant Feedback has become the market leader for point of exit experience measurement and is used by many of the UK's leading dealer groups including, JCT600, Lookers, Jardine, Sytner, Vindis, Lightcliffe and many more.

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Instant Feedback - Leisure edition

Suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Healthcare and Leisure facilities. Customers are demanding a higher level of customer service and are using feedback sites such as Trip Advisor, Reevoo and many others to voice their views. Use Instant Feedback with all of your customers at point of Checkout or bill payment and see your online scores improve.

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Instant Feedback Enterprise Solution

If your business has more than 50 outlets then our Enterprise solution is for you. We will help you ensure that Instant Feedback is fully integrated to your business and bespoke its application to ensure that it fits with your CRM process.

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